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well.. that’s true :) -Tessa


183. Muggleborns realizing that certain types of really old technology work in Hogwarts for no reason. There’s a Jutebox in the Room of Requirements that plays Frank Senatra 24/7 and no one knows why or how, since there’s no records in the machine.

Sirius andJames?


206. Muggle borns where pink every wednesday and pure bloods are confused why they can’t sit with the muggle born during lunch that day…

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I’m sure he won’t get out (input sarcasm)

There are 3 types of brothers
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Deleted lines from the Thor script #180
  • Thor: I will not fight you, Brother!
  • Loki: I'm not your brother! I never was!
  • Thor: Fine! I will not fight you, fellow Asgardian!
  • Loki: I'm not Asgardian! I never was that, either!
  • Thor: Fine! Er...
  • Thor:
  • Thor: Well, what the Hel should I call you then? If you're not my brother, and you're not Asgardian, then what are you??
  • Loki:
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(sobs)*
  • Thor: *(sobs)*
  • *(Both hug while continuing to cry)*
watching a marvel movie
  • 50% of the time: oh god damn so much action
  • 50% of the time: oh god damn so much handsome

the heart of summer 2014 - III by torne (where’s my lens cap?) on Flickr.


200. Muggleborns singing pop songs in the common room and then everyone joins in. The purebloods get startled when they hear a quiet “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” one moment, and then the next they’re blasted with “NOW I’M LYIN’ ON THE COLD HARD GROUND!”, and then something that sounds like mass screaming. One of the more sensitive students actually calls for a prefect.

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is that?